Maintaining the highest manufacturing quality and reliability of more sophisticated ECUs, the DTA S series range provides a lower priced solution for a wide range of applications.


The primary aim of the DTA S40 Pro ECU is to provide an economic ECU for relatively simple wasted spark four cylinder engines using semi-sequential injection.


The main features of the DTA S40 Pro ECU are:


- Flexible and easily adapted to different OEM and custom crank sensor arrangements.

- Semi - sequential injection.

- Wasted spark or distributor.

- User controlled fan activation.

- Engine sensors can be calibrated individually with a lot of preset options supplied.

- Flexible Tacho Output.

- Soft and hard rev limits. 

- Narrow band lambda input.

- Fuel pump relay output.

- Shift light output.

- Closed loop gearbox upshift controll.

- CAN data stream for digital dash disply and data logger connections.


Inputs and Outputs


Crank Shaft (Magnetic Only) Throttle Position, Coolant Temperature, Air Temperature, Manifold / Barometric Pressure, Lambda, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temperature, Battery Volts, 3 x User Defined Analogue (Shared Use) Launch Switch, Shift Cut, Undriven Wheel Speed



2 x Coil Drivers, 2 x Injector Drivers,Tacho, Fuel Pump Relay, Fan/Aux 2/Turbo Pressure Valve (Shared Use) Idle Valve (Shared Second Injector Driver) Shift Light



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