Race Technology Wheel Speed Sensor
The "hall effect" wheel speed sensor is highly robust and designed specifically for high reliability automotive applications. It does not require a magnet to trigger it, just a moving metal "target". The sensor is supplied with 4m cable, and is ready for direct connection to the DL1 etc.


- Better signal to noise ratio than variable reluctance sensors.
- Sensor electronically self adjusts to slight variations in runout and variations in temperature.
- Fast operating speed – over 100 kHz
- EMI resistant
- Wide continuous operating temperature range.

Technical Data

Supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC
Supply current 10mA typ., 20 mA max.
Output voltage (output low) 0.4 V max.
Output voltage (output high) 10 μA max. leakage into sensor
Switching time – Rise (10 to 90%) 15 μsec. Max.
Switching time – Fall (90 to 10%) 1.0 μsec. Max.
Absolute Max. Supply voltage (Vs) ±30 VDC continuous
Absolute Max. Output current 40 mA sinking
Absolute Max. Temperature range -40 to 150°C (-40 to 302°F)

There are 2 lengths available, short (42mm long body, 31mm thread) or long (57mm long body 40mm thread).

Race technology Wheel Speed Sensor Traction Launch Control Motorsport

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