Race Technology Universal OBD 2 System

This universal OBD-II system works with both serial and CAN OBD data formats. Most vehicles from 1996 onwards will have an OBDII port, this is however not guaranteed. The number of parameters available through the OBD port can vary between manufacturers.



The system reads directly from the vehicle's OBD "On Board Diagnostics" port. The data available can then be logged by one of our data loggers and/or displayed with one of our displays.

Typical OBD-II data channels:


  • Engine load
  • Water temp
  • Lambda 1 and 2
  • Lambda 1 and 2 short trim
  • Lambda 1 and 2 long trim
  • Fuel pressure
  • Manifold pressure
  • RPM
  • Ignition angle
  • Inlet air temp
  • Throttle position
  • Fuel level


The OBDII CAN interface is supplied with the following components. Please take a moment to check that you have all of these items and inform Race Technology of any shortages immediately:


· ECU serial interface unit with 3 x 9 way connectors and power cable

· Null modem serial cable – only required if the ECU interface is to be reflashed with new firmware. This is not required during normal operation and should only be carried out with explicit instructions to do so from Race Technology

· CAN interface cable

· Terminator connector

· Quick start guide

Race Technology Universal OBD 2 System

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