Hardwire Electronics 5 Latching Switch Panel

The Hardwire Electronics range of switch panels have been designed to make the process of installing a switch panel in a vehicle as simple as possible, while increasing the reliability and maintainability of the electrical system.

In a conventional switch panel, the user would need to run individual wires to the back of each switch and connect to them with a female spade connector. For installations using multiple switches, this process can quickly become messy and disorganised. The process of removing and reinstalling a wiring harness also introduces the possibility for these wires to be reinstalled incorrectly, potentially causing damage to the wiring assembly.

The Hardwire Electronics range of switch panels address these issues, by internally routing each switch to a reliable Deutsch DTM 12-pin header. Installing the switch panel becomes as simple as plugging in one connector, removing the possibility of mixing up any wires and causing damage to the wiring assembly. The range of switch panels have been designed to interface seamlessly with the Hardwire Electronics range of PDMs (Power Distribution Modules), requiring no extra pull-up or pull-down resistors.

Two versions of each switch panel are available – All latching toggle switches, or all latching with one momentary toggle switch. In both variants, the output of each switch is toggled between power and ground, depending on the position of the switch lever.

Hardwire Electronics uses the highest quality, marine grade Carling switches to ensure the reliability and longevity of each switch panel. Each switch is easily replaced if problems occur, and is as simple as unplugging a faulty switch and plugging a replacement part back in.

Each Hardwire Electronics switch panel comes with an expansive sticker sheet and a Deutsch DTM 12-Pin connector with contacts.

The switch panels are designed to fit into standard DIN slot heights.


Technical Specification:


General Features


  • 10 Switch Front Panel Size: 204x54mm

  • 10 Switch Rear Cover Size: 174x49mm (50mm depth)

  • 10 Switch Weight: 460g

  • 5 Switch Front Panel Size: 120x54mm

  • 5 Switch Rear Cover Size: 90x49mm (50mm depth)

  • 5 Switch Weight: 240g

  • Current Capacity: 8 Amps combined






  • Type: Carling F-series on-off (or mom-off-mom)

  • Switch Lifetime: 50000 toggles






  • Type: 12-pin Deutsch DTM

Hardwire Electronics 5 Latching Switch Panel

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