Hardwire Electronics 12-Key CAN-bus Keypad

Introducing the PKP-SI series of CAN-bus Keypads from Blink Marine. The PKP-SI series keypads offer removable inserts, coloured LED button indicators and backlight, and a rugged IP67 rated waterproof design. The Blink Marine Keypads work seamlessly with the CAN-bus enabled versions of the Hardwire Electronics PDMs, and offer a fantastic way to control PDM outputs. The Keypad Switch illumination LEDs operate in the following modes –

Green – Output is on and functioning normally

Blue – Output under-current fault has occurred

Red – Output over-current fault has occurred

Hardwire Electronics offers this product as a kit which includes the customer specified icons and Deutsch connector.




  • IP67/IP69K Waterproof Rating
  • UV protection
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Reconfigurable Icon Inserts
  • LED Backlit keys
  • Global Backlight
  • Deutsch DT04-4P Connector
  • -40°C to +70°C Operating Temperature
  • #10-32 Steel Mounting Studs
  • 200g Weight
  • High Chemical Resistance
Different Icons Available, note at checkout which is required.

The required CAN bus speed and keypad ID can be added on notes at checkout

(default: speed125kbps, ID 0x15 ).





125K (Default)




Hardwire Electronics 12-Key CAN-bus Keypad

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