Stunning performance combined with a truly impressive and expanding range of features.


The DTA S60 ECU is designed to meet the demands of the latest generation of very high revving, four coil, sequentially injected engines.


Aimed primarily at the advanced four cylinder market, the DTA S60 PRO ECU also caters for wasted spark non-sequentially injected engines of up to eight cylinders.


Some of the main features of the DTA S60 ECU are listed below:


- 20,000 rpm capability.

- Flexible and easily adapted to different OEM and custom crank and cam sensor arrangements.

- Genuine four and two stroke support.

- Twin spark engines.

- Twin injector engines.

- Sequential or grouped injection.

- Individual coils, wasted spark or distributor.

- Unequal coil firing capability and Unequal injection angle capability.

- User controlled fan activation.

- Sensors can be calibrated individually with a lot of preset options supplied. - Flexible Tacho Output.

- Soft and hard rev limits

- Full throttle closed loop gear control.

- Traction Control.


Diagnostics and Test Features

Full sensor diagnostics and fault recording. Extensive engine run time recording at different load and speed conditions. Ability to exercise injectors and coils without engine running for fault finding.



The DTA S60 ECU firmware is flash upgradeable via the serial port with a special cable and software. Current firmware and software published on


CAN PC Communications

The ECU can communicate with the PC via our USB -> CAN converter. This solves the problem of unreliable USB -> RS232 converters.


Data Logging

With up to thirty six separate items, the DTA S60 ECU allows for a large ammount of data that can be logged. Three user selectable logging frequencies. Up to nine hours logging capability. Graphing can be done on-line to the DTA S60 Pro ECU.


Other Key Features

Water Resistant Enclosure Sealed Latching Connectors Size 134 x 134 x 46 mm Weight 679 gm All outputs protected against over temperature and over current Inputs protected against severe wiring mistakes and accidents Reverse battery protection Alternator load dump protection.


Inputs and Outputs


Crank Shaft (Magnetic and Hall Effect) 1 x Cam Shaft (Magnetic and Hall Effect) Throttle Position Coolant Temperature Air Temperature Manifold / Barometric Pressure Lambda Oil Pressure Fuel Pressur Oil Temperature Battery Volts 3 x User Defined Analogue (Shared Use) Launch Switch Shift Cut 1 x Wheel Speed ALS / Second Map Switch



4 x Coil Drivers 4 x Injector Drivers Tacho Fuel Pump Relay Fan Turbo Pressure Valve Turbo ALS Valve Cam Control Valve VTEC Valve Idle Valve Shift Light 6 x User Programmable Aux (Shared Use)


If you require any more information or technical help then please feel free to contact us.



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