DTA S60 Engine Harness To Suit Honda F20C S2000 Engine
The harness has outputs to control your fuel pump, cooling fan, rev counter and gear change light.
The DTA S60 also has many more features that can be added to the harness if required.


This Harness includes wiring for the following:




Chassis Grounds

Grounds For Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump 1 

Fuel Pump 2

Oil Pressure

Vtec Valve

Inlet Valve

Crank Sensor


Air Temperature

Injectors 1,2,3,4

Water Temperature


Inlet Cam Sensor

Ext Cam

Coil 1,2,3,4


Any additions then please contact us for a price.

DTA Dealers, require a ECU then please get in touch for prices
Lead Time 1 Week

DTA S60 Engine Harness (Honda F20C S2000 Engine)

Sales Tax Included