Maintaining the highest manufacturing quality and reliability of more sophisticated ECUs the S series range it provides a lower priced solution for a wide range of applications.


The primary aim of the DTA S40i ECU is to provide an economic ignition only ECU for relatively simple wasted spark four cylinder engines using carburetor fuelling systems.


Some of the main functions of the DTA S40i ECU are listed below:


- 20,000 rpm capability.

- Flexible and easily adapted to different OEM and custom crank sensor arrangements.

- Wasted spark or distributor.

- User controlled fan output.

- Taco output and setup.

- Full thottle closed loop gear shift control.

- Launch control.

- Easy to use software.


Inputs and Outputs



Crank Shaft (Magnetic Only),Throttle Position, Coolant Temperature, Air Temperature, Manifold / Barometric Pressure, Lambda, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temperature, Battery Volts, 3 x User Defined Analogue (Shared Use), Launch Switch, Shift Cut, Undriven Wheel Speed



2 x Coil Drivers, Tacho, Fuel Pump Relay, Fan/Aux 2/Turbo Pressure Valve (Shared Use), Idle Valve  and Shift Light.


For more information about the DTA S40i ignition ECU please feel free to contact us.


DTA S40i Ignition ECU


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