Aim Motorsport 6 Key CAN Bus Keypad


Designed for the harshest conditions and holds a IP67 rating making it immune to water, mud, soil, sand, oil and chemicals.


With built in LEDs to indicate the button state (RGB Colours) and act as a back light for the keypad.

Removable inserts are available for you to build your own keypad the way you want it. These laser etched disc buttons are easily substituted without having to take apart the keypad.
The keypad is able to dialogue with on board systems thanks to its use of CAN.

Your keypad will come with standard blank buttons, so you will need to take a look at the tables and tell us what inserts you want to go with your keypad.
The inserts are numbered at the bottom of each one. Simply message us at the checkout with the inserts you want and we will send them out with your keypad. Choose six.


Our CAN bus keypads integrate with your on-board vehicle electronic systems.




  • CAN bus compatible keyboard
  • IP67 Rated
  • Full customisation

Aim Motorsport 6 Key CAN Bus Keypad

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