Aim Motorsport 10 Channel CAN Wireless Wheel Button Plate




The 10 channel CAN wireless wheel button system. With eight digital push buttons along with two rotary 12 position analogue inputs, which can be used for adjusting the ECU engine map/cal setting, ECU traction control settings or the tyre selection settings and much more. Giving you a total of ten channels wirelessly controlled from your steering wheel.

Our AiM 10 channel wireless system with CAN Transmitter which bolts straight onto your steering wheel hub and fits all standard bolt patterns on 6 x 70mm, 6 x 74mm and 3 x 50.8mm PCD steering wheels.

There is no need to worry about a flat battery with our smart system as the battery is consistently transmitted to the CANBUS receiver and forwarded to your AiM device. Giving you around 30 days if it needs to be recharged.

Supplied with a standard CR2 Lithium Battery, with a guarantee lifetime of 3 years or 5000 miles road time.


With unrivalled RF communications between our wheel and receiver tested to withstand being subjected to even the harshest EMI that can be generated within your car. 



  • CAN Wireless System
  • 10 Push Button Controls
  • CR2 Lithium Battery
  • Two 12 position analogue input

Aim Motorsport 10 Channel CAN Wireless Wheel Button Plate

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